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ArrowAssociation of Drainage Authorities (ADA)

ArrowDepartment for the Environment, Food & Rural Arrairs (DEFRA)

ArrowEnvironment Agency

ArrowMet Office

ArrowNatural England

ArrowRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Working contacts

The Board works in close conjunction with the Middle Level Commissioners who provide engineering, planning and environmental consultancy services for the Board from time to time as and when required. There is close cooperation between the Middle Level Commissioners and the Whittlesey Consortium of Internal Drainage Boards. Liaison meetings are held between the Chief Executives of these Boards to ensure that proper working arrangements are in place in the Middle Level sub-catchment area. You may find it useful to refer to the following websites.

ArrowMiddle Level Commissioners (and e-mail: admin@middlelevel.gov.uk)

ArrowWhittlesey Consortium of IDBs (and e-mail: russellianwright@hotmail.co.uk)